Connects current research in cognitive hearing science and neural coding to an updated clinical protocol that assesses and treats the entire auditory system, peripheral and central. This more functional audiological approach provides a better patient experience and results in:

  • Improved patient perception of the value of treating hearing loss, increasing help rates

  • Better management of expectations for patients and family members

  • A shift from focusing on hearing aids to focusing on communication and auditory rehabilitation

  • High job satisfaction as an audiologist!

Course curriculum

Course content includes video presentations, downloadable materials and "Jam" Sessions live with instructor (.7 CEUS)

  • 1


    • How to Navigate Your E-learning Center

    • A Message from the instructor

    • Supply List

    • Implementation Checklist

  • 2


  • 3


    • Functional Hearing Assessment

    • Questionnaires

    • Cognitive Screening

    • SupraThresholds:ANL

    • Az Bio

    • Module 2 Quiz

  • 4


    • Counseling

    • Audibility: Hearing Aid Considerations

    • Auditory Training

    • Auditory Rehabiliation

    • Module 3 Quiz

    • Report Templates and Scripts

    • References

  • 5

    Presentation Copies

    • CogniHear-Why

    • Cognitive Hearing Science

    • Neural coding

    • Listening Effort

    • Functional Hearing Assessment

    • Questionnaires

    • Cognitive Screening

    • ANL

    • Az Bio

    • Counseling

    • Hearing Aid Considerations

    • Auditory Training

    • Aural Rehabilitation

In addition to the bootcamp presentations you will receive

  • Guidance on implementation, front office staff training, additional presentations (optional)

  • Scoring spreadsheet, scoring graphics, report templates, patient materials

  • Receive ongoing support through group “jam sessions”, FAQs, and community support from other colleagues

Training Options/Dates

  • Self-Paced

    Receive immediate access to the course for self-paced completion. Access to bi-weekly "Jam Sessions" with Dr. Heidi Hill and other CogniHear attendees.

  • Online Bootcamps
    December 2-3

    These day and a half bootcamps will be online through the course website, and include both recorded presentations as well as live Q & A at scheduled times throughout the bootcamp. Presentation booklets will be sent out previous to the bootcamp dates (US only)

D’Anne Rudden

Longmont Hearing & Tinnitus Center

With the CogniHear program, we finally have the missing links for implementing best practices that audiologists are most well equipped to provide. Thank you Dr. Hill and CogniHear!

Katherine Gamerl, Au.D.

Norfolk Audiology

Dr. Heidi Hill has an impressive knowledge base of hearing cognition and listening effort. She offers the science and methods needed for audiologists to educate and counsel patients and their family members effectively and memorably. I have tried several aspects of this in the past but now feel I have a system in place for consistent patient care and counseling.

Dusty Jessen, Au.D.

Columbine Hearing Care

Heidi is creating a paradigm shift in the world of audiology by bringing the focus back to communication, which MUST include our patients' ability to make sense of the sound they hear.

Caney Demars, Au.D.

Longmont Hearing & Tinnitus Center

The CogniHear Program was two days well-spent. THIS is how we, as audiologists, can distinguish ourselves from dispensers and the wave of OTC products. I don't want patients to remember me as "that hearing aid lady," I want to be "the doctor who took time to address my actual listening needs." Very much looking forward to implementing these concepts in everyday practice.

Susan Sheehy, Au.D.

Alabama Hearing Associates

The CogniHear program is essential for audiologists that treat hearing loss and want to remain relevant in an industry plagued with disruption. Understanding hearing, cochlea to cortex, will change how you manage hearing loss, and provide you the tools needed to produce better outcomes for your patients and their families.

Rachel Appleton, Au.D.

Pacific Hearing Services

Cognihear is well-worth every minute! Heidi has put together all the research we need and want but we never find the time to do ourselves. She explains it so easily and gives you all the tools you need to implement ear-to-brain hearing in your own clinic.

Sarah Lundstrom, Au.D.

Hearcare Audiology Center

I think CogniHear is a game changer for how we provide treatment for patients- focusing on their quality of life, and not just limit our expertise to hearing aids. Heidi has a vast and deep knowledge of the material and preocess and is an excellent educator. Can't wait to implement everything we learned!

Meg Kalady, Au.D.

Kalady Audiology

After learning everything I can't imagine feeling like I did my best for a patient with just the traditional hearing test.

Susan Rawls, Au.D.


Heidi helped put the "why" behind the Cognivue and the importance of looking ear to brain with ALL our patients. Very comprehensive approach which will take our practice to the next level!

Hannah Johnson, Au.D.

Alabama Hearing

After completing the program, I feel that the functional hearing assessment should be the new standard of care in our profession. This is the future of audiology and it was a joy learn about it from our fearless leader, Heidi Hill!