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What Your Colleagues Are Saying
About CogniHear Bootcamp

Sarah Fisher, Au.D.

Alabama Hearing

Our practice has been doing the functional hearing assessments for a few months already and it's vastly changed the way we practice audiology. We feel like we're flying blind if we don't do a complete FHA. Because of how instrumental this program is for evaluating, selecting, and programming hearing aids, our newest hire will be completing the program before she starts seeing patients of her own. Oh, and our help rate was better than the industry average before this and we still increased it 15%!

Kelley Linton, Au.D.

I just completed the cognihear program with Dr Heidi Hill. This program gave me an exceptional amount of useful information including; easy to understand cognition science, evaluation protocols, proper test administration, patient counseling, various rehabilitation options and great Q&A time with Dr Hill. I expect my comprehensive patient care to improve as I apply this practical course information. Excellent course.

Ashlee Vandiver, Au.D.

Red Maple Audiology

I've long thought that the next "big step" in Audiology is in the realm of cognition and hearing. Heidi's CogniHear Program brings together a thorough diagnostic functional hearing assessment and cognitive screening protocol in a clinic friendly package. Not only is it easy to implement, but it allows us to continue to provide true best practice patient and family centered care in a busy audiology practice daily.

Jane Baxter, Au.D.

Pacific Hearing Service

Cognihear is an indepth look at ear to brain hearing and very relevant to our profession. It gives us the tools we need to provide best practices. Our patients will benefit tremendously from this approach.

Eleanor Wilson, Au.D.

Hear Again 2

The CogniHear program has opened up my eyes to the Audiologiists' new role in assisting people with hearing loss. The cognitive ability of patients have always been in the back of my mind, but this seminar moved it to the front where I have learned how to individualize recommendations based on the patient's cognitive performance as well as hearing loss. I had stopped doing the COSI, but I will now implement it in my counseling as well.

Peg Lisi, Au.D.

Pacific Hearing Service

Heidi knows her stuff! She can condense explain a wealth of knowledge into a format that is easy to understand and apply on a practical basis.

Cathy Miller, Au.D.

Doctors Hearing Care

I learned valuable information about programming hearing aid features specific to cognitive status. I will implement this tomorrow! This was an exceptional and valuable training!

Al Turri, Au.D.

The Villages Health

The future has arrived! This process is a game changer for audiologists and their patients! Thank you Heidi!

Joan McCormack, Au.D.

Atlantic Hearing Care

Becoming more knowledgeable about cognitive hearing science has helped us provide even better outcomes for our patients and families.

Kelly Knolhoff, Au.D.

Birkdale Audiology

I wanted to part take in CogniHear to learn how I can set myself and my practice apart. I left with so much more. I feel I have a renewed excitement for Audiology and a new ability to create an amazing patient experience .